London Trip – October 2022

London Trip – October 2022

School trip to London for students in Terminale in the American Section. Here is what we did throughout the trip, as told by students.


We left school at 5.50am and headed to Calais where we took the ferry. We ate a typical English breakfast, some of us played cards or even walked around as we saw the coastline draw closer. We arrived in our hostel in London (3.15pm local time), we were dispatched in our rooms and we walked around the City, and saw Big Ben, the Parliament and Trafalgar Square and we also walked past Scotland Yard, Tower Bridge and London bridge. Once we arrived at Covent Garden, the teachers let us have a free time where we had dinner. We finally came back to the hostel after this first day for the first night of our trip. 
(Eugenie, Anita, Audrey, & Leelou)

Students in front of Tower Bridge

Day 2

Tuesday 18th October : Today we woke up before 9:20 am to have our first breakfast. Afterwards we took the bus, heading towards our first museum; the British Museum.  We had a surprise activity – it consisted in taking “creative” pictures in front of designated artefacts. Of course, our group took the funniest pictures and we will win the prize. 

Next up, the Imperial War Museum, where we also had some work to do, in DNL (History and Geography) this time. Going through the museum, we had to take a picture of one of the objects presented and answer to some questions. After this, we all met up in front of the museum and were guided to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, where we could explore the surrounding area in little groups and have dinner. Then bed-time. 

(Mathis C., Kaïs)

St Paul’s Cathedral

Day 3

Wednesday, October 19th. In the morning, around 11 am, we went to the National History Museum. There were a lot of different sections in the museum: dinosaurs, mammals, marine invertebrates, birds, insects, reptiles, minerals and so much more. It was really mesmerizing how many species there are and how different/similar they can be. 

Right after, we went to Camden town at 2pm and we had two hours to eat and visit the district. There were tons of markets and the vibe was really fun. Then, we went to Oxford Street where we had some free time. Most of us bought things for our families or stuff for ourselves. Finally we got to take a group picture in front of Buckingham Palace and went back to the hostel and had dinner. 

(Sarah and Anaëlle)

Natural History Museum

Day 4

On Friday, we finished packing up then had breakfast a final time before getting on the bus and heading to Greenwich. There, we went to the National Maritime Museum : we got to discover several British ships as well as the history of maritime travel in Britain and all over the world. There were a lot of fun activities to do, such as morse code, a ship simulator and even coloring books! We then walked until we arrived in front of the Cutty Sark ship before going to eat. After that, we walked to Greenwich Park where we got a panoramic view of the city while getting soaked by the rain and taking group pictures! We got on the bus again around 3pm and rode all the way to Dover where we took the ferry and the bus again, to arrive at school a bit before 1am.